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Truck & Cargo Control Truck Accessories

Pallet Grabbers

Grabs hold and hangs on! Use it with a fork lift to pull or rotate loaded pallets, slide heavy creates, etc. High strength steel will pull more than 2,000 lbs, with an automatic release.

Product No. PAL-12

Wheel Chocks


A tough fabric-reinforced rubber compound for trailer truck and other heavy trucking.

Straps & Winches

27’ Wide-Handle Ratchet Buckle Strap Assembly
The industry standard for flatbed cargo control. 10,000 lbs. breaking strength, and 3,300 lbs. working load capacity.

4” Polyester Winch Strap
Flat hook, 30’ overall length.
Rated 15,000 lbs. strength.

Standard 4” Winch
Strength rated at 16,200 lbs. Engineered for permanent mounting and use with
2” – 4” webbing.

Product No. Description
27RATCHET 27’ Ratchet Assembly
4WINCHSTRAP 4” Winch Strap
WINCH4 4” Winch

Dock Lights

Product No. Length Length
DOCKLIGHT24 24” 13.5 lbs.
DOCKLIGHT40 40” 15.5 lbs.
DOCKLIGHT60 60” 18.7 lbs.

Provides an ideal way to illuminate truck interiors and dock areas. Ruggedly built to withstand tough environments. Easy one-hand adjustment. Mounting bracket allows for easy installation.

American Lock

Models 10 & 11
Corrosion resistant solid aluminum with case hardened boron alloy,
steel shackle which resists cutting. 5-pin cylinders are pick resistant, light weight and spark resistant, with master keys.

Models 700 & 701
Triple plated, hardened steel body with triple plated boron alloy steel shackle and stainless double ball locking mechanism.

Product No. Lock
10AMERLOCK Model #10
11AMERLOCK Model #11
700AMERLOCK Model #700
701AMERLOCK Model #701

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