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Truck & Cargo Control Strap Assemblies

Ratchet Binder

All purpose strap for cargo, boat and motorcycle tie-down. 2,000 lbs. strength with closed hooks and slip rings.

Product No. Description
161MINIRATCHET 16’ Ratchet Binder

Winch Bar

Product No. WINCHBAR

Angled tip helps provide just the right amount of tension.

E Straps

2” nylon webbing rated at 2,500 lbs. and joined by a corrosion-resistant steel buckle. Now with new, one-piece spring-end fittings. Color-coded webbing providing at no additional charge.

Product No. Product No.
12ESTRAP 12’
16ESTRAP 16’
20ESTRAP 20’

Auto Tie-Down / 4-Piece

Use the appropriate hook to strap each corner to the wall. Multiple hooks insure that you have the correct fitting to secure any car. 8’ each, overall.

Product No. Product No.
4PCAUTO Set of 4 Pieces

Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap Assembly Series E

For use in auto tie-down, Rol-A-Lift, and other heavy logistic control applications.

Product No. Description
12ESTRAPRATCHET 12’ Strap Assembly – Yellow
16ESTRAPRATCHET 16’ Strap Assembly – Grey
20ESTRAPRATCHET 20’ Strap Assembly – Blue

Piano Strap

Heavy duty blue and red stripe cotton webbing, with metal tip and patented roller buckle.

Product No. Description
15APPLIANCE 15’ Piano / Appliance Strap

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