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Gravity Feed Flowable Dispensers

Economical – Gravity feed means no utility cost, and a direct saving to you. Plus you only use as much cushion material as you need, so no expensive waste!

Saves Space – Overhead and floor areas are kept clear and usable for production machinery.

High Efficiency – By dispensing right at the point of use, workers eliminate wasted movement and time.

Clean and Dustless – Gravity feed dispensers combine with free flowing cushioning material eliminates dirty, heavy, hard to handle cellulose wadding and shredded newspaper.

Fingertip Control – Simple mechanical operation allows anyone to easily operate the dispenser. Sixty seconds is all it takes to teach your employee to get the job done.

Polystyrene Chip Dispensers

Product No. Cubic Ft. Capacity Minimum Ceiling Height Model No.
15CHIPDISP 15 7’ 6” 015
30CHIPDISP 30 10’ 3” 030
45CHIPDISP 45 11’ 6” 045
60CHIPDISP 60 12’ 9” 060
75CHIPDISP 75 14’ 075
90CHIPDISP 90 15’ 090
140CHIPDISP 140 14’ 140

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