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Moving & Storage Supplies Paper Cushioning

Kraft Paper

A thick, low-cost packing material and outer wrap for all your shipments. Cover floors and counters, line drawers and trays. Cuts easily to size, and is easy to remove and replace when dirty. Available in 40 lbs. 1000’ rolls, or 50 lbs. 900’ rolls.

Product No. Description
1840KRAFT 18” / 40 lbs.
1850KRAFT 18” / 50 lbs.
2440KRAFT 24” / 40 lbs.
2450KRAFT 24” / 50 lbs.
3640KRAFT 36” / 40 lbs.
3650KRAFT 36” / 50 lbs.
4840KRAFT 48” / 40 lbs.
4850KRAFT 48” / 50 lbs.

Corrugated Cardboard Rolls

Product No.

Single face corrugated cardboard provides sturdy protection to whatever you are wrapping. Excellently protects glass, metal, or other precious surfaces, from scratches, chips, dents or breaks.

Cell Pack – Corrugated Sheets

Separates dish barrel box into compartments to isolate and protect dishes and glasses. Holds up to 8 piece settings, and completely fills dish barrel box, adds strength, and prevents crushing.

Product No. Size Box Styles
3648CORR 36” x 48” Corrugated Sheets
4896CORR 48” x 96” Corrugated Sheets
CELLKIT One 5.2 Dish Carton


The most popular all-purpose wrapping, stuffing and cushioning product. Clean, unprinted newspaper, soft folded.

Our 10 lbs. box has approximately
160 sheets per box.
The 25 lbs. bundle has approximately 400, 24” x 36”, sheets per bundle.

Product No. Description
10NEWS 10 lbs. box
25NEWS 25 lb. bundles – per pound

Paper Pads – 3 Ply

Product No. Size
PP3PLY01 48” x 72”
PP3PLY02 60” x 72”

Stuffing Tissue

Industrial tissue paper is softer than newspaper. Great for the retail packing of fine china or crystal.
Approximately 4000 sheets per case.

Product No. Size Case Pack
2030STUFFTIS 20” x 30” 70 lbs.

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