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Chip Dispensers
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Polystyrene Chip Dispensers 15 cu. ft.

Economical - Gravity feed means no additional utility costs. A direct savings for you. Plus you only use as much cushion material, as you need. No expensive waste! Light weight means lower shipping costs.

Saves Valuable Space - by utilizing overhead space, floor areas are kept clear and usable for production machinery. Model 015 is designed for ceilings even as low as 7’6”. A real space saver.

High Efficiency - by dispensing right at the point of use, workers eliminates wasted movement. Time is spent efficiently packing boxes; no lost time means savings for you.

Clean and Dustless - Gravity feed dispensers combined with free flowing cushioning material eliminates dirty, heavy, hard to handle cellulose wadding and shredded newspaper. Your product arrives safely, cradled in a protective and clean environment.

Fingertip Control - Simple mechanical operation allows anyone to easily operate the dispenser. Sixty seconds is all it takes to teach your employee to get the job done. Simple to operate too!

cf capacity 15
*Minimum Ceiling Height 7’ 6"
Model no 15

*Based on a 30” high packing table with a 24” working area between the table and scissors valve.
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Polystyrene Chip Dispensers 15 cu. ft.
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